Crisis resources

An emergency can have a profound affect on a tourism business whether it directly impacts upon the business or simply occurs within the same region, state or country.

Tourism regions are vulnerable to public perceptions of health and safety and an emergency in your area can potentially result in a downturn in visitation to your business.

This section provides a series of downloadable resources to assist businesses and local and regional tourism organisation plan for, respond to, and recover from crisis events including natural disasters such as a bushfire or flood, or manmade events such as a pandemic or chemical leakage.

Crisis communications

How to counter negative publicity in the event of a crisis - step-by-step guidance to developing and implementing a crisis communications plan

Open for Business toolkit

Developed in response to the 2009 bushfires, a comprehensive resource that covers all aspects of crisis management, including tools, tips and case studies

Preparing your business for bushfire

Bushfire safety resources and information to assist businesses


Last Updated 11th December 2013