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You may think a crisis will never affect your business, and we hope you are right. However a crisis can strike any tourism business, large or small. It can arrive with little or no warning in the shape of flood, fire, a terrorist bomb, disease outbreak, locust plague or unwelcomed media attention.

Even if you think you are not in a disaster-prone area, the tone and scale of the media coverage of a nearby emergency may result in a downturn in clientele to your business.

Although crisis events are rare, whether natural, accidental or deliberate, they can have a devastating effect on your business, making it difficult or even impossible to carry out your normal day-to-day activities. At worst, your business may never recover and may ultimately cease trading.

How will this online resource help me in my business?

Planning for these disruptive events now could be vital to the continuing success or survival of your business. This online resource has been developed to help you plan so you can do both, as soon as possible. It includes practical tools, tips and case studies.

Whilst largely focussed on managing crisis issues, the information provided is relevant to the management of many types of business risk such as dealing with a life threatening illness or receiving negative criticism in the media.

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How do I respond after a crisis event?

Learn what actions to take in the immediate days after a crisis event

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What if a client wishes to cancel?

Put systems in place to protect bookings

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Is my business at risk from bushfire?

Read the Tourism Business Fire Ready Kit

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Last Updated 24th July 2017