Step 2: Identify the risks

Your business faces some sort of risk from natural hazard no matter where you operate in Victoria. Some parts of the State are more likely to be affected by certain types of disasters than others. In Victoria, regular crisis events such as bushfire, floods and blue green algae blooms can have significant impacts on the tourism industry.

An important stage in the risk management process is to identify which risks are relevant to your business. List all of the potential risks in the Risk management plan: template (15 kb)PDF

Refer to the Potential crisis events page for a full list of events that could affect your region or the State and may have an indirect or direct impact on your business.

Ask yourself:

  • What harmful incidents could occur within my business?
  • What types of natural or human disasters outside my business could prevent or hinder my business from operating?
  • What other events have occurred or could occur nearby or in the region that would have a major impact on my business?


  • Physical or environmental hazards within your business
  • Natural disasters – flood, fire, storm, drought
  • Disease epidemics
  • Human threats – computer hackers, terrorism, crime
  • Unexpected events – power outages, blocked water pipes, gas leaks, supplier problems, building damage.

It’s important to note that events such as a bushfire can occur a long way from your business but still cause a significant downturn in trade.  Your risk management plan needs to identify how you would manage this. 

Get advice

Local councils

Talk to your local council to find out which risks are relevant to your area. 

Each council also has a Municipal Emergency Management Plan which identifies the risks for your area. For further information on municipal emergency activities see the Support and advice page

Emergency services agency

If your area is prone to flooding or bushfires, talk to the relevant emergency service agency such as CFA External link or Victorian SES External link to find out how to best prepare your business.

Do some research

The Department of Justice has developed an Emergency Risks in Victoria Report External link This can be used to assist you in assessing the emergency risks to Victoria that could affect tourism businesses.

Guidance on assessing a broader range of risks relating to your business, such as financial, political and employee risks can be found on the Business Victoria website External link

Last Updated 24th July 2017