Plan for the unexpected

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It is likely at some stage in the future, a crisis event will occur either in your tourism region or within your business. These crisis events could cause visitors to stay away or affect your capacity to operate your business. 

This section will guide you through questions and topics to help you plan for the unexpected, including:

  • How to develop emergency response procedures
  • What processes to put in place to get your business operating again

Failure to plan could be disastrous

The reality is that if you don’t plan for the worst your business probably won’t survive a potential crisis event. 

Disasters, unpredictable by nature, can strike anywhere at anytime, with little or no warning.  Responding and recovering from one can be stressful, expensive and time consuming, particularly for those who have not taken the time to think ahead and prepare for such possibilities.

Plan now

Planning now, including thinking about the unthinkable, could be vital to the continuing success or survival of your tourism business when disaster strikes. 

The faster you can get your business up and running again, the more easily you can get the cash flowing back into the business to fund staff wages and other overheads.  This, too, requires advanced planning to get your finances, critical systems, property and operations in working order as soon as possible after an emergency.

How do I?

Last Updated 24th July 2017