Recover checklist

Now that the crisis is over, this simple checklist will help you assess what actions you need to take in the recovery phase. 

Have you: Yes No
1. Refocussed efforts towards recovery?    
2. Assessed your current financial position?    
3. Taken photos of and documented all damage?    
4. Contacted your insurance broker or insurance company?    
5. Identified any support or assistance you may entitled to?    
6. Kept staff and key stakeholders informed?    
7. Set priorities, timelines and recovery options?    
8. Ensured key customers, media and suppliers are made aware of your recovery process?    
9. Looked at all options that may enable the business to retain staff?     
10. Restored your computer back ups and other necessary information?    
11. Analysed the potential demand for your services post-crisis?    
12. Adequate resources (staff, finances) to bring the business up to normal operating levels?    
13. Considered exiting the business?    

Last Updated 24th July 2017