Look after yourself

Emergencies are naturally a very stressful time. Your capacity to manage your stress can have a big impact on how staff and customers respond to a threat of an emergency. By concentrating on your physical and emotional wellbeing and others, you can maintain your capacity and reduce the impacts of stress.

Strategies to do this include:

  • Take regular food, drink and breaks; preferably before you need them.
  • Take emotional ‘breaks’ by putting aside fears and worries for a time by doing something practical – maybe for others.
  • Physical energy and emotions are tied together. Don’t think about emotional problems when you are tired. Promise yourself to think about it when you have rested.
  • Manage emotions by not feeding negative feelings. Express positive emotions to others – optimism, faith in the future, confidence in survival.

If you have negative emotions, talk about them rather than expressing them directly. You inspire others by how you behave rather than how you feel.

If at any time you are worried about your mental health or the mental health of your employees, call Lifeline on 13 11 14.

Where to get help:

Last Updated 29th December 2014