Work with your region

Be prepared to work with your Tourism Crisis Management Group

If a crisis event occurs in your region, the DEDJTR tourism branch will work with your region’s tourism organisations to establish a Tourism Crisis Management Group (TCMG). This group will be responsible for developing and coordinating a crisis management plan for the tourism industry, including assessing the impact of the crisis on the region’s tourism industry and industry communications.

As part of these activities you may be asked to provide data or feedback on the nature and degree of impact the crisis event is having on your business (i.e. the number of booking cancellations). In preparation, consider monitoring collecting data on revenue, existing and forward bookings. 

List with your nearest Visitor Information Centre and tourism association

To receive the latest information about the crisis response and recovery process from the TCMG, make sure you are listed with the nearest Visitor Information Centre and/or the database of your regional and local tourism associations. If you are a member of these organisations, you will automatically be on their contacts database.

Last Updated 1st September 2017