Green your tourism business

For a better bottom line and planet

Electricity and water prices for business have increased significantly over the past few years and this trend is set to continue into the future.  Reducing energy, water and waste consumption in your organisation therefore makes perfect business sense. It can:

  • Save money
  • Enhance business image
  • Improve customer and staff satisfaction

This on-line resource highlights the benefits which can be harnessed from being green, as well providing a range of simple, practical actions and best practice examples.  By taking these actions you will reduce your utility bills and operate your business for a better bottom line and planet. 

It also guides environmentally-progressive tourism businesses and environmental leaders in the tourism industry through the recognition process and maximise marketing opportunities.

Great Ocean Walk
Why green your tourism business?

Save operating costs and gain a marketing advantage

Getting started

Set goals, assess & monitor your progress

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Getting support

Government and industry assistance programs and resources

Promoting your green credentials

Marketing and awards opportunities

How do I?

Last Updated 18th February 2014