Even the most appealing product requires some form of promotion in order to maximise sales and financial return. Advertising can help raise awareness of a product and create an appealing product image.

Advertising covers any communication that is paid for, from cinema commercials, radio and Internet adverts through to print media, television and billboards. It can reach a large audience at once and the same message can be repeated many times.

Creating the right message

The advertisement should convey the following important information to the potential customer:

  • Introduce a particular product/service
  • Explain the product or service
  • Demonstrate its unique selling points
  • Provide an indication of price
  • Indicate where the product is available/ distributed for sale

Advertising in the tourism industry

Advertising in the tourism industry is somewhat different to other industries. A holiday is an intangible product that the consumer can’t see or touch before they buy. Often the customer will pay for the product before experiencing it. With this in mind, advertising priorities should consider:

  • Who would find your product most appealing?
  • What are the potential customers’ needs and desires?
  • What creative methods can be utilised to generate interest in a particular product?
  • What is the best way to reach these customers?

Methods of advertising

  • Leaflets/flyers
    Either distributed by hand, in letterboxes or inserted in publications
  • Print advertising
    Placed in local, regional or national newspapers, ethnic publications, trade and tourist magazines, journals or newsletters and magazines relevant to your target market.
  • Canvassing
    By way of sales visits/sales calls
  • Radio Advertising
    Placed locally or regionally
  • Wholesaler Programs
    Promotional costs for such programs are shared and therefore less expensive. They can also reach a wider audience.
  • Sponsorship
    Consider sponsoring local community events which attract large crowds and significant media coverage. Participating in such events can improve business exposure.
  • Listings and displays
    Includes advertisements in telephone or business directories and cinema advertising
  • Cooperative Advertising
    Cooperative advertising and promotion with your local, regional or industry association will help your message get wider distribution and because there are more businesses involved it will also cost less.
  • E-Marketing
    Tourism Victoria, in partnership with other state tourism organisations through the Australian Tourism Data Warehouse (ATDW), has produced a series of online marketing tutorials for tourism operators. The Online Marketing E-kit covers everything from the basics of developing a good web site to advanced topics like search engine marketing and online product. Find out more


Last Updated 24th July 2017