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How will a crisis affect my business?

Although crisis events are rare, they can have a significant disruptive impact when they occur.

This section helps you to identify, assess and manage risks, including potential crisis events. It also provides advice on how to document these findings in a Risk management plan.

A crisis event could be:

  • Loss of power or water supply that means that you cannot deliver your service
  • Road closure that prevents your staff or clients from accessing your property
  • Fire or flood that destroys your property and your computer records
  • Injury, or in the worst case, the death of a client or employee
  • Your key supplier goes out of business leaving you unable to deliver your service

Potential consequences of these crisis events:

  • An immediate downturn in visitors
  • Business closure for an extended period of time or cease trading altogether
  • Several weeks or months to return to pre-crisis levels of sales
  • Limited or no cash flow for an extended period
  • Legal proceedings against your business
  • Heightened levels of personal stress

How do I?

Last Updated 24th July 2017