Responding to a crisis

How you manage the response to a crisis event will be critical in saving lives and your business. This section provides advice on the immediate and short term actions you will need to take to minimise the impact of a crisis event on your business.

Whether the crisis affects your business directly or indirectly, you will need to review and assess these impacts in order to minimise disruptions and determine the best way to move forward. Important steps include:

Assess the immediate impact

Type of impact



Direct impact

Is your business possibly or definitely going to be directly affected by the crisis event?

The safety or health of your staff, visitors, yourself or the business property is possibly or definitely going to be at risk.

See advice for:

Indirect impact

Is your business going to be safe but it is likely to be indirectly affected by the crisis event?

Your business is open for trade but the crisis is likely to close access routes to your business or impact on how potential visitors perceive the safety or desirability of visiting your business, the destination or the State.

See advice for:

As you are open for business, you may move more quickly into the Recovery phase

How do I?

Last Updated 24th July 2017