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The Federal Government's GrantsLINK External link online directory provides information on funding available under a variety of grant programs for individuals, businesses and communities.

Enterprise Connect scheme and the National Tourism Industry Network

Enterprise Connect's National Tourism Industry Network  is a specialist national group. It brings together Business Advisers with expertise to help Australian businesses in the tourism sector. It is targeted at improving operations, productivity, competitiveness and sustainability by providing business advice, development services and industry linkages. Tourism accommodation providers, tourist attractions, tour operators, travel agencies and businesses offering local food and beverage tasting experiences are eligible to apply for Enterprise Connect  services, which include matched grant funding.

To be eligible, tourism businesses must also be solvent, have an annual turnover between $1 million and $100 million, possess an Australian Company Number and have a trading history of at least three years. Groups of tourism businesses may apply for assistance as well. The group must have minimum revenue or expenditure of at least $2 million combined, with the revenue or expenditure of each business at least $500 000.

Tourism Demand Driver Infrastructure (TDDI) Program

The TDDI Program provides funding for the development of tourism infrastructure or enabling work.  The TDDI Program provides funding on a matched dollar-for-dollar basis, to support projects that contribute to achieving the Tourism 2020 objectives.

Last Updated 15th July 2015