Industry crisis resources

Crisis Communications Handbook for Regional and Local Tourism organisations

The Crisis Communications Handbook for Regional and Local Tourism (1.81 mb)PDFwas developed to assist local and regional bodies to plan for, respond to, and recover from crisis events both man-made and natural.

Developed in consultation with the tourism industry, the handbook offers step-by-step guidance to developing and implementing a crisis communications plan and provides advice to help counter negative publicity in the event of a crisis.

Crisis Essentials Guide for tourism businesses

The Crisis Essentials Guide - Crisis management guide for tourism businesses, 2013 (1.4 MB)PDF aims to provide essential information to tourism businesses about how to prepare for, respond to, and recover from a crisis event.

Possible crisis events that could affect your business include natural disasters such as a bushfire or flood, or manmade events such as a pandemic or chemical leakage.

An emergency can have a profound affect on a tourism business whether it directly impacts upon the business or simply occurs within the same region, state or country. Tourism regions are vulnerable to public perceptions of health and safety. An emergency in your area can potentially result in a downturn in visitation to your business.

This guide will help you to get organised so you can recover more quickly from any emergency incident.

It has also been supported by a series of briefings and workshops for tourism businesses located in high bushfire risk areas, made possible through generous funding from the CFA.

Customers Who Want To Cancel: Guidance for Tourism Businesses

The When customers cancel: guidance for tourism businesses (77 kb) PDFguide was jointly developed with Consumer Affairs Victoria and outlines operators’ rights and responsibilities in relation to booking cancellations.

Last Updated 19th July 2017